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Classy Customs for Salesforce – How to Map Salesforce Fields to Classy Customs

Classy Customs allow you to customize the way your organization collects information from donors and fundraisers. With the ability to add your own fields and tags, and to map those fields to your Salesforce data, you have the power to build a completely unique fundraising experience that meets the specific needs of your organization and audience.

In addition to the new fields and tags you can create, Classy Customs also includes a number of pre-built tags that you can use in your forms. These tags can be used to capture common pieces of information you need from all your supporters, such as their name, email address and gender.

The ability to capture this data at the time they register for an event or donate will help you improve your outreach, communication and engagement with your audience. For example, you could include the donor or fundraiser’s name in an impact tile that highlights how their gift will make a difference. You can also incorporate this tag into the footer of a fundraising page to encourage more donations by showing each additional dollar a supporter can give.

To get started, click the gear icon in your Classy dashboard to open the Settings menu and select Integration. In the Integration Settings menu, you can configure a variety of general settings for the Classy for Salesforce integration, including custom field mapping and enabling debugging.

From here, you can also reschedule any Classy jobs that have been set to retry. If you are using the Bidirectional Sync feature, this option will initiate a resync of all outbound API Requests that are in a status of Awaiting Retry.

If you are using a third party contact management system that integrates with Classy, such as Salesforce, you can enable or disable this setting to control how address data is sent to and from the third party system. If you enable this setting, addresses attributed to individual attendees at Classy events will be updated in the standard Account address fields in Salesforce. If you do not enable this setting, the standard contact matching rules in Salesforce (not the Enhanced Contact Matching settings) will be used to create and update Attendee records in Salesforce.

To use this tool, you must be on at least version 6.93 of the Classy for Salesforce package and have admin access to the Salesforce app. Once this tool is activated, the four required sections for custom field mapping will appear in the Classy for Salesforce settings page. If you have custom field mappings that existed in your Classy for Salesforce instance prior to version 6.93, those will automatically populate in the “Existing Mappings” section of the tool.

Mapping a custom question from a registration to a Salesforce field requires the source and destination objects to be the same type. For example, a custom question in a Classy registration can only be mapped to the Salesforce Field Name “Contact.” The only exception is when you map a Classy question to a Salesforce Lookup field, which can be mapped to any object.

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