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Find Quality Auto Window Tinting Near You Your Local Tinting Experts

Window auto tinting is the process of applying special film to car windows, which can give the vehicle a darker appearance while providing a number of benefits. These include privacy, heat rejection, and UV protection. Many states have laws that regulate how dark the tint can be. Some also regulate how much light must pass through the window in order for a driver to be able to see clearly at night and during bad weather conditions. The tint can also help protect the interior of the vehicle from damage caused by sun damage and fading of materials such as leather seats or dashboards.

The tinting film is made from a clear, treated polyester laminate that has been embedded with metals, dyes, and ceramics. It is layered onto the glass, and when properly installed, it can reduce solar heat absorption by up to 85%, blocking out 99% of harmful ultraviolet UV rays that can damage the skin and furniture. The film can also block infrared rays that cause the interior of a vehicle to heat up, which helps keep the inside cool and comfortable.

Tinted window films are available in a variety of shades and colors, and the type of tinting you choose should be based on your state’s laws as well as your visual preference. A higher VLT, or visible light transmission percentage, will allow more light to pass through the window, while a lower VLT will block more of the sunlight, which can be beneficial during the summer months when it can reduce the need for air conditioning and decrease energy costs.

Professional window auto tinting near me will prep the window before tinting it, and use special cleaners to ensure that there is no dirt, grease, or oil on the window prior to installation. This is a crucial step to ensure that the tint will adhere properly and not peel or bubble. The company should also be licensed to install tint, as this is usually a requirement in most states.

After the windows are prepared, the installer will put the tint on the outside of the window, then cut it to size using a precision knife. When cutting the tint, it is a good idea to start on the top edge and work towards the center of the window. This will make it easier to line up the bottom of the tint with the edge of the window. Once the tint is cut to size, it will be flipped over and rolled down on the inside of the window, and the liner will be adhered to the window. Be sure to roll the window up and down while working, and to spray it with soapy water throughout this process.

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